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florida-public-employees-pam-bondiMiami Herald: Time to move on, Ms. Bondi

As attorney general of Florida, it’s a vital part of Pam Bondi’s job to enforce state laws and defend them in court. She can’t pick and choose only those she likes.


Miami_Herald_florida_public_employeesMiami Herald: Unsung heroes

There is another face to corrections that is never presented to the public. Of the 22,398 employees in the Department of Corrections, the vast majority are honorable, caring men and women.


florida-public-employees-marco-rubioNews-Press:Rubio has his name on two proposals

Sen. Mark R Warner, D-Va., introduced legislation (S. 2612) to “simplify and improve the Federal student loan program through income-contingent repayment to provide strong protections for borrowers, encourage responsible borrowing, and save money for taxpayers.”


florida-public-employees-Pam-Bondi-Net-worthTBO: Bondi now in millionaire’s club

TALLAHASSEE — Attorney General Pam Bondi has surpassed the seven-figure mark in her personal wealth, according to her most recent financial disclosure report.


Naked_politics_florida_Public_employeesMiami Herald:  Attacks begin among GOP rivals in Miami congressional race

Miami congressional candidate Ed MacDougall has begun to attackCarlos Curbelo, the establishment favorite in the District 26 Republican primary




florida-public-employees-Worker-bashing-political-diversionMy Central Jersey:  LETTER: Worker bashing a political diversion

The state has several pension funds. Firefighters, police and educators have their own pension fund. Public workers such as state and local employees, teachers, law enforcement officers and retirees are enrolled in the pension system. Public employees have been paying for a portion of their pension with a deduction from their salary.


florida-public-employees-executions-arizonaWall Street Journal: Secrecy Over Executions Faces Challenges

The latest battle over secrecy culminated last week in Arizona’s execution of Joseph R. Wood III, a convicted murderer whose death by lethal injection took nearly two hours and was marked by repeated bouts of labored breathing.


florida-public-employees-unions-sympathyThe Daily Journal:  Public employee unions wouldn’t get any sympathy

First came the action movie trailer, then the promotion tour, but when do we see the substance of what Gov. Chris Christie plans to do to get the state employee benefits systems in shape?


News_Florida_Public_EmployeesNBC NEWS: Fatal Mistake: What Everyone Should Know About Hot-Car Deaths

The intense attention focused on the death of a 10-month-old girl who was left in a hot car this week in Wichita, Kansas, masks a sobering reality: Such incidents are depressingly commonplace.


florida-public-employees-ponzi-pulgatoryABA News: How to avoid Ponzi purgatory

Since the global recession of 2009, the doors on many Ponzi schemes, like the one orchestrated by the infamous Bernie Madoff, have been blown wide open.


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