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florida-public-employees-Carlos-GimenezMiami Herald: Miami-Dade commissioners begin tax-rate discussion

Miami-Dade County commissioners, after listening to speakers for more than three hours, kicked off what could be a lengthy discussion Tuesday afternoon on what maximum property-tax rate to set for the coming budget year.


Tampa_Bay_TimesTampa Bay Times: Legislative leaders agree to redraw challenged congressional districts

Florida legislative leaders have ended their silence on the rejected congressional map and announced Tuesday they will not appeal the circuit court ruling but agree to redraw the map deemed unconstitutional because of two invalid districts.


Rick ScottHuffington Post: Inmate Was Gassed To Death In Florida Prison: Lawsuit

The four filed a federal whistle-blower complaint on Monday alleging that state prisoners were beaten and tortured, that guards smuggled in drugs and other contraband in exchange for money and sexual favors, and that guards used gang enforcers to control the prison population. They claim those actions were either tacitly approved or covered up.


florida-public-employees-Leon-County_Judge-HawkinsTallahassee Democrat:  Judge Hawkins pleads to stay on the job

Leon County Judge Judith Hawkins is pleading with the Florida Supreme Court to keep her on the bench after she was found guilty of judicial-misconduct charges.


florida-public-employees-Shawn-Seipler-Clean-the-WorldOrlando Sentinel: Clean the World becomes Florida ‘B’ Corporation

They seek profit and pay taxes normally, but there’s also a stated mission for public benefit that cannot be arbitrarily sidestepped by new management or a hostile board vote. They’re also often called social enterprise.


florida-public-employees-Apolo-11-NASAFlorida Today:  Florida Frontiers: Apollo 11 began new American era

On July 16, 1969, a Saturn V rocket launched from the Kennedy Space Center carrying astronauts Neil A. Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin Jr. into space. Four days later, Armstrong, closely followed by Aldrin, left the lunar module Eagle and walked on the surface of the moon.


florida-public-employees-Nan-RichTampa Bay Times: Nan Rich details why she’s the better Democrat for Florida governor’s race

The Democrat from Weston visited the Tampa Bay Times editorial board Monday to discuss her platform, and mentioned more than a few times that she thinks the former Republican governor is not the person for the job.





News_Florida_Public_EmployeesBellingham Herald: Our Voice: State labor negotiations should be open to public scrutiny

Even before negotiations begin, the governor said he believes state workers and public school teachers deserve a “modest” boost in pay after six years without cost of living adjustments, the Olympian newspaper reported.


florida-public-employees-Christie's-travelsNorth Jersey: Christie’s travels help him connect in states key to 2016

Governor Christie has already visited eight states with early presidential contests, and he will be in Iowa this week and South Carolina and Michigan in coming months — crucial trips if he plans to enter the 2016 race.


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