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florida-public-employees-armando-ramirezOrlando Sentinel: Osceola Clerk Armando Ramirez faces whistle-blower lawsuit

The former staff lawyer for Osceola County Clerk of Court Armando Ramirez filed a lawsuit this week accusing the clerk of routinely destroying public records, misusing public funds, falsifying payroll and improperly hiring relatives.


florida-public-employees-gop-redistrictingNew York Times: Judge Rules G.O.P. Illegally Redrew Florida Districts

In a sharply worded decision, a Florida judge ruled late Thursday that Republicans illegally redrew the state’s congressional districts, saying they “made a mockery” of an amendment meant to inject fairness into a process that has long been politically tainted.


Sun_SentinelSun Sentinel: Phil Latzman: Obama running out of time to make relevant impact

The survey gurus at Quinnipiac University recently revealed that one-third of registered voters polled believe Barack Obama is the worst president since World War II, barely edging out George W. Bush.


News_FPEHighlands Today: Financial forms reveal political wealth

In 2013, Pigman raised the value of his main house to $350,000, lowered the balance of the checking account to $40,000, added $30,000 to the value of his cars, and assumed another $30,000 in automobile debt.


florida-public-employees-fpl-brevard-budgetFlorida Today: FPL plant gives Brevard budget a boost

Although the plant has been operating since 2013, the county budget for the fiscal year that begins Oct. 1 is the first one in which property tax revenue from the plant will be fully realized. And the numbers are big.


florida-public-employees-rick-scott-fracking-evergladesPeople’s World:   Insider trading ties Gov. Scott to fracking

“It’s very two-faced…and to have a governor who invests our money for Everglades restoration but also supports a company that wants to drill in the Everglades makes me very uncomfortable.”


florida-public-employees-paula-dockeryFlorida Today:  Paula Dockery: Scott’s signature agency a mess

Gov. Rick Scott created the Department of Economic Opportunity to symbolize his focus on job creation, attracting new industry and reducing unemployment.


florida-public-employees-FDOCTampa Bay Times:  Florida prisons chief says wrongdoing in his agency is limited to a few

“We are going to find those bad seeds and we’re going to eliminate them from being able to work in our department,” Mike Crews, Florida’s increasingly embattled Department of Corrections secretary, said Thursday.


florida-public-employees-Complaint_Against_Rick_ScottOcala.com: Complaint filed over Florida governor’s use of police

The complaint alleges that Scott broke the law when he had on-duty law enforcement officers stand with him during a campaign event held this week in Tampa.





florida-public-employees-Menphis-blu-fluInsurance News: Memphis ‘blue flu’ action has no known leader, complicating the city’s response

Participating on the call were Lowery, city Chief Administrative Officer George Little, Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong, Memphis Fire Director Alvin Benson and Mike Williams and Thomas Malone, leaders of the police and fire unions respectively. That same group also met Wednesday afternoon.


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