CALL 2 ACTION: Oppose HB-867 “Parent Empowerment” Bill

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HB 867 – Parent Trigger Bill

March 5, 2013

By: Dr. Rosa Castro-Feinberg

As we expected the “Parent Trigger” bill has returned. The Florida House Choice and Innovation Subcommittee will hear the bill THIS Thursday, March 7 at 1 pm.

HB 867 the so called “Parent Empowerment” bill, sponsored by Rep. Carlos Trujillos (R-Doral), will be making its first committee stop during this first week of the 2013 Legislative Session. HB 867 is similar to the controversial California legislation that has pitted parent groups and students against one another. This bill is seen by education experts as a devious and underhanded attack on your local public schools and hardworking teachers.

Every credible parent group in Florida, including the PTA is opposed to this bill because it will ultimately hurt students. In fact, this bill will only help private education companies and corporations that who want to force taxpayers to pay them to run “for-profit” unaccountable charter schools. These schools are not held to the same standards as public schools.

Please call members of the House Choice and Innovation Committee today. Tell them to protect our public schools, our students and our teachers. Tell them that we don’t want corporate for-profit schools and their “parent trigger” scam.

Contact information for House Choice and Innovation Subcommittee

Rep. Bileca (Chair) (Republican) (850) 717-5115

Rep. Moraitis (Vice Chair) (Republican) (850) 717-5093

Rep. Rehwinkel Vasilinda (Democrat) (850) 717-5009

Rep. Ahern (Republican) (850) 717-5066

Rep. Bracy (Democrat) (850) 717-5045

Rep. Diaz (M) (Republican) (850) 717-5103

Rep. Jones (Shevrin) (Democrat) (850) 717-5101

Rep. McGhee (Democrat) (850) 717-5117

Rep. Metz (Republican) (850) 717-5032

Rep. Passidomo (Republican) (850) 717-5106

Rep. Saunders (Joe) (Democrat) (850) 717-5049

Rep. Spano (Republican) (850) 717-5059

Rep. Stone (Republican) (850) 717-5022

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