CALL-TO-ACTION: ELL Testing Reform

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By: Dr. Rosa Castro-Feinberg

We need LOTS of letters, ASAP.

The ask, from you, is simple.
1. Send the sample letter to all the senators and representatives.
2. Send the sample letter, the list emails for senators, and the list of emails for representatives, to your network members with your request for them to send the letter under their own names and titles,  to the elected officials.
Suggest that the address go in the BCC section so that recipients will get to the actual letter more quickly.
The letter and the two sets of email addresses follow below.
Thanks so much for looking at how to get this done.



Dear members of the Florida House and Senate:

We thank Representatives Victor Manuel Torres and Jose Javier Rodriguez and Senator David Simmons for filing bills to bring about reform of accountability policy for English Language Learners.
Their work continues the process begun by Governor Scott, the 2014 legislature, the Florida Department of Education, and Florida school superintendents and school board members. Their leadership actions led to federal approval of Florida’s request for a two-year exemption from certain accountability requirements for students in ESOL programs.
However, students typically remain in ESOL status for five to seven years. The language barriers that mask their progress as currently measured last for far longer than two years. Therefore, additional reform is needed.
Organizations advocating for ESOL students want fair procedures based on informed guidance that leads to accurate interpretation of assessment results. We ask all members of the Florida Legislature to support HB 855 and SB 1524.
Thank you for your consideration of this request.

LEGISLATORS’ EMAILS;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


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