Call To Action – Call To Oppose CS/SB 534: Publicly-funded Defined Benefit Retirement Plans

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March 11, 2013

From: The Florida Professional Firefighters

Brothers and Sisters;
We are opposed to CS/SB 534: “Publicly-funded Defined Benefits Retirement Plans”, please call each committee member and ask them to not support this bill, it requires that local pension plans use an unrealistic rate of return and last week they took the Florida Retirement System out of the bill as they thought it would have an adverse impact on the states bond ratings.  The same thing will happen to city bond ratings who have to report a fictitious rate of return as well.
Committee meets from 8 AM to 10:30 on Thursday, please call/email  them all week and ask them to vote NO on the bill.
Gary Rainey, President
Florida Professional Firefighters
Community Affairs – Committee Members -Link to Bill Information.
Name District Phone / Assist Location
Simpson, Wilton (Chair) (R) 18 (850) 487-5018
Judy Parker, Patty Harrison, Patrick Weightman, Rachel Perrin Rogers
322 Senate Office Building
Thompson, Geraldine F. (Vice Chair) (D) 12 (850) 487-5012
Roosevelt Holmes, Landra Robeson, Dan Rogers
224 Senate Office Building
Bradley, Rob (R) 7 (850) 487-5007
Steven Richardson, Rhett Roberts, Tonya Shays, Tom Griffin
208 Senate Office Building
Hukill, Dorothy L. (R) 8 (850) 487-5008
Elizabeth Fetterhoff, Lindsey Swindle, Connie Mullis
210 Senate Office Building
Latvala, Jack (R) 20 (850) 487-5020
Tracy Caddell, Courtney Vandenberg, Jennifer Wilson
408 Senate Office Building
Smith (C), Christopher L. (D) 31 (850) 487-5031
Diane Randolph, Sharonda Wright-Placide,
200 Senate Office Building
Soto, Darren (D) 14 (850) 487-5014
Christine Aleknavich
220 Senate Office Building
Stargel, Kelli (R) 15 (850) 487-5015
Rachel Barnes, Samantha Hartman, Chris Dowdy
324 Senate Office Building
Thrasher, John (R) 6 (850) 487-5006
Darla Kubacki, J.J. Whitson, Kelly Williams
400 Senate Office Building

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