Call For Support – Mike Clelland Campaign Against State Representative Chris Dorwoth, District 34

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Mike Clelland

From: Roy Clelland

December 1, 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As many of you know, my brother Mike is running against Chris Dorworth for the Florida State House of Representatives. Most of you know Mike’s background as a firefighter of 26 years, a union president of Longwood IAFF L-3163 and now as an attorney who represents injured firefighters and law enforcement officers.

What you may not know is that Chris Dorworth sponsored, filed, and championed one of the most anti-union bills in recent history – HB 1021. This Bill would have completely eliminated your ability to have your union dues deducted from your paychecks.  Keep in mind that only union dues would have been eliminated. Other deductions such as insurance and United Way would still have been allowed.  It was a tactic used to break public employee unions and to prevent our ability to represent our members in arbitration, contract negotiations, and more importantly to support political candidates who support firefighters. Collective bargaining is guaranteed in the Florida Constitution.  Yet this didn’t stop Mr. Dorworth. His strategy was to bust public sector unions, not unlike what transpired in Wisconsin and Ohio.

Mr. Dorworth did this while firefighter, police, teacher and other public employee unions where fighting to save our pensions from numerous bills filed by other republicans. Not only did he sponsor and file this Bill, he did so after receiving over seven thousand dollars ($7,000.00) in union endorsements and checks from firefighters and police unions. His hypocrisy was contemptible and disgraceful. Firefighters and police were stunned at committee meeting after committee meeting while Dorworth spoke in support of his Bill and spoke against firefighter and police unions. This was a guy who claimed to be a friend and supporter of firefighters just months before and when it became politically convenient, he turned on us like a snake. Keep in mind, Dorworth is in line to be the Speaker of the House in 2014 and he is raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in corporate and special interest money.

Mike is going to run a true grassroots campaign, walking door-to-door throughout his district seeking support one voter at a time. Mike has received overwhelming support and endorsements from firefighters across the state. We are hoping to send a strong message to others in the Florida House who think it is open season on firefighters, police, teachers and other public employees by asking all public employees for their support and to donate $5, $10 or more to his campaign. There are hundreds of thousands of public employees in this State that were wrongly attacked by Chris Dorworth and others in the Florida House.

Please take a moment and visit Mike’s website, read about Mike and his campaign and if possible donate $5, $10 or more. We hope to send a strong message one public employee at a time through individual donations.

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One thought on “Call For Support – Mike Clelland Campaign Against State Representative Chris Dorwoth, District 34

  1. Roy,

    I’m with you and Mike all the way. Let me know whatvI can do. Willing to Volunteer.

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