Bush Foundation Wants Another Bill To Fix SB 736….Seriously

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December 22, 2012

Originally published: December 20, 2012

By: Bob Sikes – Scathing Purple Musings

I’ve always wondered how many of Florida’s 67 district school superintendents roll their eyes when getting an email from non-educator, Patricia Levesque,  who is Jeb Bush’s top policy wonk. Well they got another one this week. She apparently thinks that all SB 736 needs is just a little tweak. And oh, just a little more time. From Jeff Solochek of theTampa Bay Times:

Patricia Levesque, executive director of Jeb Bush’s education foundation and a key voice in state education legislation, meanwhile, is floating a draft bill that would alter the evaluation system, too. She sent an e-mail to superintendents last week seeking input.

“We believe that a missing/key element in Florida’s evaluation law is having peer teacher review and/or student feedback in the evaluation process,” she wrote. “We are also concerned with the timeline for districts to implement evaluations with data for teachers in the non-state tested areas. … Would you be supportive of a legislative change to provide districts with the ‘option’ to reduce the percentage that data counts from 50% to 40% if the district uses peer review or student surveys in other portion of the data? Would you be supportive of a legislative change to delay the start date for districts to develop and use district level assessments in teacher evaluations in subjects or grade levels not tested by state exams to 2015-16?”

So now Levesque wants input from stakeholders? Or is she just being coy? Perhaps Levesque is fishing for political cover from the state’s superintendents to help save her and her boss from the train wreck to which they fired the coal?

Levesque’s transparent letter to the same superintendents she and her boss have been snubbing is desperate political grandstanding. During a December 13 state school board meeting, Bush board appointee A.K. Desai said that the recent roll-outs of faulty data were “making us look incompetent.”  Levesque is a political hack and this email was pure politics. It represents the second signal in the last week that the Bush-led cabal knows they have a major “Houston, we have a problem,” problem on their hands.

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One thought on “Bush Foundation Wants Another Bill To Fix SB 736….Seriously

  1. Would someone please tell me where Jeb Bush received his credentials to become an education guru? People follow him like lemmings.

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