Bush Foundation Snubs Florida Republican Senators Who Voted Against Parent Trigger

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June 28, 2013

Florida Public Employees


Jeb Snubs Voters

By  – Scathing Purple Musings

Sunshine State News chief legal correspondent Eric Giunta has become the go-to journalist when Jeb Bush’ Foundation for Excellence in Education (FEE) wants to get something out there. One only needs to consider his hit piece on the parent advocate groups who opposed Parent Trigger and this similarly themed spin on Fund Education Now.

Giunta carries FEE’s water again today in publishing the foundation’s annual legislative report card.  No surprises. The republican legislators who sponsored bill’s they favored received high marks, many of them getting bonus points. On the senate side, the self-described non-partisan foundation assigned F’s to 8 of the 13 democrats.

FEE also used the report card to rebuke four of the six republican senators who voted against Parent Trigger.

The Senate also produced the lowest-scoring Republicans: Nancy Detert of Venice (78, “C”), Greg Evers of Pensacola (78, “C”), Rene Garcia of Hialeah (78, “C”) and Jack Latvala of Clearwater (65, “D”).

The other two republican senators who voted against the bill, Charlie Dean of Inverness and Miguel Diaz de la Portilla of Miami received low B’s. The only other republican senator to receive lower than A was David Simmons (85, B) of Altamonte Springs, likely for his attempt to amend Parent Trigger.

What a litmus test, eh?

Bush’s foundation maintains its power and influence with the establishment of grading systems for anybody that has anything to do with education policy or implementation. The obscenely low marks for democrats based on “their efforts to improve the quality of education in the Sunshine State” is an exercise of blatant partisan ideology. FEE’s report card reveals them to hardly be an honest broker in the serious realm of education policymaking.

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