Bill Walsh – Message To The Florida Legislature: “All We Ask For Is, Equal Pay For Equal Risk”

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An unedited message sent by a member of the Florida Department of Corrections to legislators in Tallahassee, who have excluded state corrections officers from equal pay raises provided to all other state law enforcement personnel.   A message he request is copied and sent to legislators by fellow FDOC members.

Equal Pay For Equal Risk

Equal Pay For Equal Risk

Dear Legislators:

My name is Bill Walsh; I am a registered voter and a State of Florida Certified Correctional (Law Enforcement) Officer.

I currently work at Polk Work Camp.

Last year we were wrongly excluded from the “State Law Enforcement Officer Raise” given to our Brother Officers of the Florida Highway Patrol and other included agencies.  As you already know, we have gone many years without raises however we’ve remained vigilant standing our posts, ensuring the safety of the Citizens of Our Great State.

We walk the hallways and keep the worst of society behind our fences and walls, so you can sleep with peace of mind.  We have seen a great pay disparity between our officers starting wages and what our Brother and Sister Law Enforcement Agencies start their employees.  I have fellow officers that work at Polk County Sheriff’s Office – in the Jail Division, and they make on average $10,000.00 to $15000.00 more per year than I do, and we all started together in 1988.

All we as Members of the Fl. DOC are asking for are to be brought up to the current pay scale of a Florida Highway Patrol Officer or a Fl. Fish and Game Warden.

We are asking for “EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL RISK”.   We HAVE SIMILAR JOBS AS THESE OFFICERS EVEN THOUGH THEY ARREST THEM AND WE KEEP THEM LOCKED DOWN UNTIL THE COURTS RELEASE THEM.  We have the same FDLE Certification and have to police these individuals that society has not deemed fit to walk our streets.  We have suffered the same amount of loss of Officers this year as the Highway Patrol.

Thank you in advance for your time and ask you to,  please consider our request for “EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL RISK.”


Bill Walsh


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