“Big Allies Push Voucher Plan”

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March 9, 2014

By: Joe Hernandez


In response to “Big allies push voucher plan”, the public must become aware and educate themselves as to what the public education system already offers.  It is my hope and dream that they can see through the “illusion” that politicians, especially Jeb Bush and Rick Scott, wish to the public to believe.  Their goal is to not improve public education but to destroy it.

Do you truly believe the fantasy that your voucher will buy you a better education in a charter school or religious school?

Vouchers will only give the wealthy, who can afford paying out of their pockets, the ability to go to elite schools that they willingly pay for tuition for anyway.  The quality and services that are provided by these private, for profit institutions, is highly dictated by the area where they are located and the wealth of its residences.  Just look at how many nice malls and parks are built around affluent areas as opposed to the inner city.  This is the same opportunity “voucher plans” offer, tax money will just be siphoned out of the public schools that serve everyone equally and transferred to the wealthy.  Services in the public school system will be scaled back.

Why not improve on something that has been working very well, our public education system?

I know firsthand the difference. Public schools have certified counselors, school psychologists, social workers, audiologist, etc.  Many professionals working behind the scenes that you never get to meet unless you child has a learning problem, medical condition or other disorder.  Privatizing our education system is not the way to go, improving the one we have in place should be our goal.

Joseph Hernandez, Ed.S. School Psychologist, Barry University Professor

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