Bad Decisions And The St. Lucie County School Board Employees’ Struggle

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St. Lucie County Teachers

October 23, 2012

A sample of the decisions made by higher ups that fuels the arguments against public employees.

By: David Freeland

An oldie but a goodie: “[St. Lucie County] School board member Carol Hilson said she understood why people would speak against rehiring retirees when families are losing jobs and homes in the economic recession.

‘I’ve got to tell you —- even 10 teachers would not be able to do the job of Sandra Wolfe,” Hilson said. “As educators, we have to ask for the best people, because parents deserve that and students deserve that.’”

This is what we are dealing with and if teachers, parents and the community don’t get off their collective asses and show up Wednesday at the board room to support negotiations we will only have ourselves to thank when it continues…

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