Attention All Firefighters, Police, Corrections And Probation Officers

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Re:   All firefighters, police, corrections and probation officers must act quickly to protect entitlement to valuable “Heart Lung” benefits.

We are writing with a sense of urgency borne of the continued attacks on public employees coming from the Florida Legislature.  The most recent example relates to the time honored and sacred protections found in the Florida Heart Lung Bill.   Last week Representative Costello, a Republican from Ormond Beach, filed House Bill 365 which will essentially eliminate protections for firefighters, police, correctional, and probation officers who develop heart disease or hypertension.  This Bill could become law by July 1, 2012 meaning all firefighters and officers, only have a very limited time to ensure they have received appropriate benefits for both high blood pressure and heart disease.

While we will fight aggressively against any change of this nature to the Heart Lung Bill, it is important that all first responders with either hypertension or heart disease become fully educated about their legal entitlement immediately.  Only through education will members be able to protect themselves and on entitlements to these valuable benefits now in jeopardy.

If you have either hypertension or heart disease you should protect your interests under the current law and consult with a firm such as ours that specializes in the Heart Lung Bill.  It makes no difference if you have filed a claim under workers compensation that has been previously denied, whether you are currently receiving medical care under the Heart Lung Bill, or whether you have not yet made a claim.  ANYONE WITH HYPERTENSION OR HEART DISEASE SHOULD SEEK LEGAL  CONSULTATION.

Don’t wait until the last minute to move forward on this critical issue.  Seek legal guidance needed to protect your rights.  July 1, 2012 is closer than you think; act now.

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2 thoughts on “Attention All Firefighters, Police, Corrections And Probation Officers

  1. Dear Sir,
    Does hypercholesterolemia have a place in the benefit package of the heart/lung bill?

    • Joseph:

      We suggest you contact a representative of Bichler Law directly, as I’m certain they’ll be able to provide a qualified answer.


      Florida Public Employees

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