Aramark: Custodial Contractor Responds To Cuts, Leaving Volusia Schools Unclean

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Republish: December 29, 2013

By: Scott Cleary

Letter to the Editor, featured in The Daytona News Journal December 27, 2013.

Outsourcing public services to for-profit companies leads to cuts in services, positions, unclean and unhealthy schools.  So, who is looking out for the interests of our children?

Custodial Contractor Questions:

At the Dec. 10 Volusia County School Board meeting, the board heard a report presented by district personnel on the performance of Aramark, the contractor for the district’s custodial services. However, this presentation was superficial. School Board member Ida Wright, seeing the lack of details, called Aramark to answer questions. In the question-and-answer period, the truth came to light.

While the company promised there would be no reduction in service, it was confirmed that to save the money, promised service had to be cut. When questioned further, Aramark’s management blamed the employees for the shortcoming, citing their dissatisfaction with the changes, and even saying that it was only human nature to (in effect) engage in sabotage. While some School Board members tried to pin down Aramark, district personnel intercepted questions and answered for Aramark. Parents and teachers who spoke to the board on the lack of cleanliness in their schools were dismissed.

I am no expert in facilities, but poor custodial services are obvious even to an untrained eye. This not only leads to an unhealthy place for children, but to expenses that will be incurred to correct long-term shortcomings — expenses that may well exceed the savings this contract may bring. It’s time to encourage board members Candace Lankford, Linda Costello and Stan Schmidt, who allowed this contract to be pushed through, to reverse course, or to seek out those who will not be so penny-wise and pound-foolish.


Volusia Teachers Organization, AFT 1605

Delegate,  Volusia/Flagler Central Labor Council  





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