April 27, 2014: Daily Morning News Recap

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April 27, 2104


IMG_AcademiesFPE: Florida Senate Voucher Sponsor Earmarked $2.3 Million for Voucher Eligible Sports Academy

TALLAHASSEE – Powerful state Sen. Bill Galvano says he had nothing to do with a client of his private law firm securing millions during the 2013 legislative session, but a state budget document that Galvano disputes shows he requested the money.


Ocala.com_florida_pubic_employeesOcala.com: Sticky issues confront legislators in final week

TALLAHASSEE — Florida lawmakers head into the last week of their annual session facing some potentially contentious issues that could carry political implications into the fall elections.


Tallahassee.com_florida_Public_employeesTallahassee.com: Court weighs police use of cellphone tower information

MIAMI — In the latest challenge over digital age technology and privacy rights, a federal appeals court wrestled Friday with the authority of law enforcement to obtain and use records from cellphone towers,….


Sheriff's_Fight_Against_Legalized_MarijuanaTBO: Sheriffs fight against legalized pot

TAMPA — Florida law enforcement authorities are set to begin a public awareness campaign to fight the effort to legalize medicinal marijuana, a question that will be put to voters in November.


Tampa_Bay_TimesTampa Bay Times:  Medical marijuana entrepreneurs explore business opportunities

TAMPA — Thomas Quigley doesn’t have all the answers.

He doesn’t know whether Floridians will vote to legalize medical marijuana in November. And there’s no guarantee of what the law will look like if passed.
Ocala.com_florida_pubic_employeesOcala.com: Fla. gets $70 million in grants to help homeless

The federal government asked local communities to compete for dollars to support homeless projects that offer services including transitional and permanent housing, street outreach, job training, health care, mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment and childcare.


News-Press_florida_Public_EmployeesNews-Press:  Florida lawmakers and staffs traveled the world

Five Florida lawmakers took family members on the trips: Democrat Corrine Brown (who took her child to New York City), Republican Ron DeSantis (who took his wife to Baltimore and Israel), Democrat Ted Deutch (who took his wife to Turkey), Democrat Patrick Murphy (who took his father to Israel), and Republican Ted Yoho (who took his wife to Israel).



FPE: A Fatal Flaw in Florida Voucher Expansion: ESOL Students Are Getting Shortchanged

There are reports coming in that Florida’s voucher advocates are scrambling to counter a stunning expose by well-respected educator Dr. Rosa Castro Feinberg which lays out the many pitfalls that exist for students whose first language is Spanish. Castro Feinberg also makes a compelling case that the laws for Florida taxpayer-funded vouchers negate …


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