American Abroad: Shares his opinion about Gov. Romney

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October 14, 2012

American living abroad expresses his opinions on Mitt Romney’s energy plan.

By: Oison Kwadwo Owusu-konadu


The hard truth of Gov. Romney’s energy policy is that, he is using wrong for right as a political propaganda to send voters. in fact Gov. Romney is not straight forward with his energy policy implementation. His energy policy is lacking the truth. Gov. Romney, counted fossil- fuel, coal and oil a central part of his job policy. In his plan to create jobs, he begin with energy saying, he want to make better use of coal and open more public land and oil drilling.

He continued that President Obama has made it harder to mine coal, harder to use coal, harder to get reliable supply of natural gas and harder to get drilling for oil. In studying his policies of the past as a governor, he has shifted from his good policies for clean energy campaign he made. He is using his current energy policy to win favor from coal miners like Mr. Robert E. Murray who personally dislike the President just of his business future and some of oil drilling tycoons.

From the look of political view point, it might be that, this kind of his energy policy ignited the gulf oil spill to sabotage the President’s clean energy policy. During his days as governor of Massachusetts, he was an outspoken critic of pollution caused by coal burning plants and I quote it, ” I Gov. Romney will not create jobs or hold jobs that kill people or has failed to meet even the lower emission standards.” He announced this in 2003 outside a coal burning plant in Salem, Massachusetts.

Now, Gov. Romney no longer emphases the human role that he believed as leading to a warming of the world’s climate. Going back to the 80s when clean energy was lunched, Mr. Murray with his efforts in the 90s has established a company of clean energy and boast himself of it. President Obama has no intention to close down outright any old energy practice but has initiated the awareness of clean energy so that energy companies will gradually develop clean energy and permanently shift from the old practice in future for human safety.

Example is that, many automobile companies are developing electric and gas cars and this does not mean they should close down outright the old plants that are used to produce petrol and gasoline cars. It will continue gradually and based on the people interest then will be eliminated outright. This is a clear interpretation of how President Obama’s clean energy policy is. I want to assure Mr. Murray and all energy producers in the country that, all they hear from the other side are misinterpretation to gain favor from them. Also, workers at energy companies should not entertain fears that their employers will close down their companies and the will go hungry with their families. They are all lies.

The President always count on every single American to move America forward. You are feeding over 1000 mouths Mr Murray! Is this not credit to America?

Touching on Mr. Sheldon”Andelson”, I may well know that, the administration inability to legalize an online gambling might be the cause of the hatred because you might lose some revenue. Believe me or not, the administration has good plans toward all these policies. It is the President’s vision to see first American Trillion-air and the first in the world. I am hopeful that Mr. Murray, Mr. Sheldon “Andelson” and Mr. Bill Gates. one of these billionaires will soon turn trillion-air as the President’s dream of. Thank you all.

With our deepest respect,

Oison Kwadwo Owusu-konadu

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