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Senators Should Not Be Public Sector Defectors


Anti-public school extremists in the Florida Senate are trying to pull a fast one, and we need your help right now.

Sen. John Thrasher (R-Jacksonville) and his extremist allies are trying to jam through something called the Charter Corporation “Parent Empowerment Act,” what they call the “parent trigger” bill, after losing a key vote earlier today. This bill would allow corporate charter schools to take over public schools with a majority vote from parents. The bill is universally opposed by the Florida PTA and local parent groups because it turns over public schools to private, unaccountable corporations.

Call the Senator closest to you and urge them to vote NO on the so-called “parent trigger” bill (SB 1718). A wave of calls could make the difference here.

Sen. Thad Altman
Brevard, Orange, and Seminole
(850) 487-5053

Sen. Michael Bennett
Charlotte, DeSoto, Lee, Manatee, and Sarasota
(850) 487-5078

Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff
Broward and Palm Beach
(850) 487-5100

Sen. Anitere Flores
(850) 487-5130

Sen. Jim Norman
Hillsborough and Pasco
(850) 487-5068

Sen. David Simmons
Orange and Seminole
(850) 487-5050

So, if not parent groups, who is really behind this latest attack on public schools? According to Parents Across America, “model legislation based on the Parent Trigger has been written and promoted by ALEC, the shadowy organization backed by the Koch brothers that has a radical right-wing agenda.” And who profits? Not parents and students. No, the ones who profit are unaccountable corporate charter school operators who aren’t held to the same standards as public schools and don’t necessarily have the best interests of students, parents or teachers at heart.

Call the Senator closest to you and urge them to vote NO on the so-called “parent trigger” bill (SB 1718).

There is no silver bullet solution for turning around struggling schools. We need to invest in the classroom priorities that build a foundation for student learning—things like smaller class sizes and early childhood education. Parents in other communities have tried the parent trigger, and it’s misfired every time, causing tremendous division in communities and not helping students receive a quality education1.

We can’t afford to risk our children’s future—we need to work together to build strong public schools that give all Florida children the education they deserve.

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