ACTION ALERT – Can We Afford More Vouchers?

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Florida Public Employees





A massive voucher bill will be heard in the House Choice and Innovation Committee TODAY.

This is the single largest expansion of private religious school vouchers in Florida history.

Click here to tell your legislators to improve public schools instead of using tax dollars for vouchers.

$2.3 billion dollars will be diverted away from our public schools over four years. It will pay for vouchers to private, religious schools that are free to discriminate and refuse access to students. These private schools are not accountable in any way to the state of Florida.

HB 7009 targets Florida’s sales tax revenue as an additional source of voucher funding.  We simply cannot afford this.  Sales taxes pay for everything from roads to services.

Tell our legislators that they have no business using sales tax revenues to fund religious schools.

We are opposed to expanding religious school vouchers while legislators ignore their constitutional obligation to Florida public schools.



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