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Jaebb_Bush_Common_Core_StandardsMarch 25, 2014

By  – Scathing Purple Musings

StateImpact’s John O’Connor reported on the start of a new TV advertising campaign from one of Jeb Bush’s foundations to promote Common Core Standards:

The education foundation founded by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has launched a new web site and advertising campaign to support the Common Core math and language arts standards facing criticism in many states.

The campaign by the Foundation For Excellence in Education (FEE) is called “Learn More. Go Further.”

The web site features videos of teachers (they volunteered) answering common questions and explaining the standards, and interactive mapsshowing where the standards have been challenged. An ad began airing yesterday on television and cable and will run for 10 weeks, said Allison Aubuchon, a spokesman with the Foundation for Excellence in Education, which is sponsoring the campaign.

The advertising campaign in the Tampa Bay region targets local news and cable networks such as Animal Planet, HGTV and The Family Channel.

The teachers, there arefourofthem, are also spreading the campaign on social media.

“It is important that all Floridians continue to learn about the countless academic gains our state has made and the direction we’re headed as we move to higher standards,” Aubuchon said in a statement. “The campaign and site provide resources and tools to make learning and sharing this information easier.”

The ad references a suit of policies pushed by Bush, including the use of statewide tests to measure student performance and grading schools, based in part, on those testacher results.

The teacher’s introduction of the website is limited to their support for Common Core Standards, but their messaging via Twitter involves the advancing talking points which support Bush’s record on education policy. One of those points has already been dispatched. Integrity in Education caught Bush’s new organization in a false claim about Florida’s state ranking.

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