A Little Simple Math Problem On The Florida Retirement System (FRS)

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April 1, 2013

As shared on the Florida Public Employees Facebook page.

By: Randy Podwils, Florida Retirement System (FRS) Retiree

Ok ,Florida Governor, House, Senate Republican and Democratic legislators and all the participants in Florida Retirement System (FRS):

Here is a little simple math problem for you to solve..

Simple Math – FRS Is Not Broken

100 – one hundred
1,000 – one thousand
10,000 – ten thousand
100,000 – one hundred thousand
1,000,000 – one million

Current participants in the Florida Retirement System (FRS)
= 1,000,000 approximate 

2013 state monies needed to firm up the Florida Retirement System
= 500,000,000 approximate

500,000,000 /1,000,000 = 500

And the state body of elected officials want to gut what we have for $500 per Florida Retirement System (FRS) participant. 
That is just (PRICELESS)

The great state of Florida is not a private business. And if it were we the PEOPLE are the stockholders. And we are not to happy with what you are doing. There are enough references within the state of failed privatizations. Try learning about them. What a novel idea. And enough with the references to Wisconsin, Illinois, or some other place in the news. Please stop comparing us to them.. And be leaders for FLORIDA not followers.. Legislators stop being looky-loo’s. 

Oh and I am a thirty year Florida Retirement System (FRS) participant who has retired and is now very upset and concerned that life is going to be very hard if you enact these crazy changes.. 

One last thought.

We are the great state of FLORIDA not the we say so political machine.

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