A Flawed Miami-Dade Schools Police Department Pay Scale Will Impact School Safety

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February 16, 2013

On December 19, 2012, Superintendent Alberto Carvalho sent a memorandum to all instructional personnel which stated:

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“The salary increase bargained during this last round of negotiations was the schedule presented by UTD. It maintains the traditional salary schedule and “step” structure which is inherently inequitable and unfair.  This less than ideal solution however, provided an increase in beginning teachers’ pay to $40,000, and a step advancement; both promises made under a previous administration. It is my intent to return to the bargaining table immediately following the winter recess to negotiate a new salary schedule for teachers which is more equitable.”

Mr. Carvalho states that the instructional personnel received a less than ideal solution with regards to their salaries and further called their salary schedule “inherently inequitable and unfair”.

I am going to make the case that our salaries are inherently inequitable and flawed. As a ten year officer, for the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department – my salary is approximately $41,000 paid over a twelve month period. Teachers are paid on a ten month pay scale. If a first year teacher decides that teaching is not for them and wants to take the leap to school police, their salary would expand to twelve months. This means that their $40,000 salary expands to $48,000 when they make the transition. This is a $7,000 increase over a veteran ten year officer. I believe this comparison highlights our pay deficiencies and precisely describes our salary schedule as inequitable and flawed.


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