A Day In The Life Of A LEO Stirs Emotions On Arms Control

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March 13, 2013

By: Robert Asencio

The following is shared from the Florida Public Employees facebook page.

A few words about the job yesterday: Armed subjects recklessly firing indiscriminately with high powered firearms still holding strong on the mean streets of South Florida.Yesterday morning while one of my officers was within view of a housing complex, unknown subjects, walked up to a 1st floor apartment, pointed at least two AK-47s and opened fired.

A few minutes later the incident repeated itself a few block s away at another complex. Upon responding, I discovered that sadly the incidents occurred several hundred feet from two elementary schools, whiles students were on the PE fields. By the grace of God no one was injured or worse yet killed.

Although this is just another day on the job for our officers, got to wonder what affect emergency lockdowns are having on our children and school staff.

Out of curiosity: Have you experienced a school lockdown? And if so, how has it affected you?

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  • Quan Cao Hope you are safe. Why would NRA support this status quo?
  • Rick DeBacker Dont be an idiot. The NRA doesnt support criminal behavior…. They support those inside the apartment being able to defend themselves when the criminals bust through the doors. What kind of an ahole thinks like that anyway? SMH…
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  • Rick DeBacker Quan: As my blood pressure begins to stabilize following your comment, I appreciate your wishing the author well as I too share his profession, and I apologize for calling you an idiot, however your second comment was both idiotic and stereotypical. You can’t possibly believe that lawfully armed citizens, or the primary organization that supports them would possibly promote the illegal gun violence we are experiencing…… If so, I invite you to expound on your position…….
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  • Sam Luebke Yeah let’s ALL have guns so we will be safer. The NRA doesn’t care about people’s safety. They do care about their corporate overlords selling more guns.
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  • Linda Rogatz The NRA and the gun industry they get much funding from, doesn’t care about who gets the guns, just that the guns be sold. That’s why they’re against universal background checks, something that incidentally they, the NRA used to be for. It seems that less and less Amer. households have guns, so they have to induce those that do to buy more and more with stregnth and bells and whistles to keep profits up. It seems that part of the marketing method used, is paranoia against the government and other forces.
  • Sue Copening Rick… The NRA and their employers, the gun manufacturer’s DO, indeed wish for, and promote all uses of their products, evidenced by their fighting every measure of increased safety, background checks, etc. because they know that the more guns in the hands of criminals, the more “consumable” their product becomes as law enforcement confiscates and melts down guns, creating a market for new ones. They don’t like anyone taking a bite out of profits.
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  • Lee-Ann Edwards Kanoski I agree with Sue, Linda and Sam. The NRA could careless if it is criminal or crazy person buying a gun. And how many law abiding citizens have turned a legally purchased gun on a family member or neighbor and shot them…. and the nra would be just fine with laws allowing drunks at the local bar to have open carry firearms..yeah that is so smart.
  • Lee-Ann Edwards Kanoski i remember years ago getting mailers about the NRA wanting to not ban cop killer bullets… sad. You never know when a deer might be wearing kelvor
  • Bill Carpenter Fact1: more firearms in houses than any time in history.
    Fact 2: violent crime droping every year for the last decade.
    Fact 3: firearms have been used to stop 2.2 million crimes (rape,murder,assult) in an average year) FBI stat.
    Fact 4: you are almost twice as likely to be blungened to death(club, hammer, baseball bat,) than you are to be killed by all long guns combined ( rifle, shotgun and AR style). FBI.
    What good is more laws when existing ones are not inforced. How did that work out for proibition? Or the war on drugs?
    About background checks. Yes you should have one to get a conceal carry. But i should not have to get one to give a firearm to my grandson. The same one my grand father gave me.
    Google how many ppl were denied a purchase because they couldn’t pass a back ground check in(i think 2010 or 2011), its @70,000. Now check how many were fugitives from justice. Thats @17,000. Now check how many were cought and prosicuted. Thats less than 20.
    Thats what you should be pissed about.
    Our founding fathers did all they could to limit the rights of govenment and bestow it to the ppl. 
    I no there is no changing your far left thinking mind. You want the goverment to have totall controle of all aspects of your life. I would request that you stop letting emotions drive your thinking and base them more on facts.
    I could go on all day with firearm facts.
    Is your child more apt to accidently drown in your pool or accidently be shot by one of the estimate 500,000,000 firearms out there.
    Are you more likely to be murdered by a person ussing a firearm (11,000) or killed in an auto ( some 35,000). You dont have a right to drive a car.
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  • Thomas Smith The problem with the NRA/gun debate is the nra’s willingness to ignore facts and embrace fear mongering to achieve their goals. The NRA will point to some random event where a woman typically has to leave her gun at home instead of carrying into church or school and gets robed or raped and say SEE we need guns everywhere but if you bring up the very real statistic that women are 20 times more likely to be shot and killed by the gun in their own home by a husband or boyfriend it must be the left wing media/liberal/socialist that made it up.
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  • Eugene R. Wise Wow, misguided you folks are. Talking about cop killer bullets, NRA doesn’t care, gun lobby, a deer wearing a bullet resistant vest. It’s not about hunting its about freedom and defending it. It’s about government enforcing laws already written, it’s about self defense and not being a victim. After reading some of your posts it’s obvious to me how 1. We ended up in this state as a Country, 2. How Obama got re elected, you folks are really blind.
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  • Eugene R. Wise Also, why I’m on my tangent, if your gonna quote numbers quote them right. No one has correct numbers, if I listen to the media I’m told different numbers all the time on the same issue, millions die from guns, gun violence on the rise, yet tomorrow night the same outlet will say the opposite. And everyone seems to quote the FBI, really, the FBI? We’re going to trust the Feds. The same government trying to infringe on your rights to free speech, religious freedoms, gun rights, you go ahead and believe them, it’s all nonsense. Truth is, crime is everywhere and as the economy gets worse crime will get worse. One will take from another, period. Question is, will you allow yourself to be a victim? I am always armed, from church to home, I’m always ready, you should be too. Don’t let your government or anyone else take away what people like me fought for, your freedom. End of sermon.
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  • Rebecca McKinney No, I have never experienced a school lock down. I would imagine it is nerve wracking.
  • Robert Welz When I was in high school I remember about 2-3 legitimate lockdowns and as a student I can tell you it doesn’t effect you one bit! Teachers usually control the situation to where its more of a no bathroom break period than a lockdown. As a parent I have not yet experienced one.
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  • Robert Welz It’s funny how this post jumped off the question you asked FPE. If I captured the root of why the NRA did not want to have “universal background checks” it was not because they were against background checks, it was because they were against a nationaldatabase placing all gun owners on a list with their current address. “What’s so bad about that?” you might ask; well lets look at the recent history of such lists (warning its gonna be morbid) nazi Germany’s registration of all Jews, the USA Japanese American internment camps at the beginning of the USAs involvement in WW2, how about in Arizona the quasi registration of all Hispanic immigrants so if asked they can prove citizenship, in New York when the “freedom of information act” allowed a newspaper to oust the location of gun owners also putting police in jeopardy PEs everywhere should be upset about that one. I could site a bunch more international occurrences but instead ill end on the only positive list I can think of. The national registry of sex offenders which has protected countless innocent ppl from true monsters and deviants. The real question is what is the TRUE purpose of such a list? history shows its for future confiscation, enforcement, and incarceration.
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  • Florida Public Employees Agreed the responses have “jumped off the question”, but now that we’re on an interesting and divided topic I ask; what is your definition of who is government? With so much distrust, have you considered to think PE are the ones who make up our government?
  • Sue Copening All those numbers miss the point which is that yes, we need more enforcement of existing laws, and enforcement WORKS. Ask a drug cop in a state with mandatory minimums for carrying an illegal firearm. Where they used to bust drug sellers who had as big a cache of guns, as drugs, now they are busting drug sellers who don’t have a firearm at ALL, because they know they can probably get a light sentence for a first offense of drugs… but not the gun. This makes cops safer on the job and it does show having tougher laws does help. Yes, statistically you are unlikely to be killed by a gun, but that doesn’t mean we should just let anyone have them. We require a automobile driver to have a license and to have some basic knowledge of how to drive a car safer (as well as carry insurance to protect other people from his possible stupidity). What is unreasonable about doing the same for guns? As for giving a grandson a gun… sorry… I DO think that society has a right to know that your grandson is not a felon or mentally ill. If you gave him your car it wouldn’t give him the right to drive it without a license and insurance. As for how “the left” thinks… we don’t think the same way anymore than all of the “righties” think the same way. I know that I don’t want the government “controlling everything” as you say I do, but I do want them to do what was written for in the preamble to the Constitution… “provide for the general welfare of the people.” I think that keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, the mentally ill, and those too stupid to pass a safety course falls under that dictate.
  • Eugene R. Wise There is a difference between FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and STATE GOVERNMENT. One doesn’t trust you and the other will defend you.
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  • Eugene R. Wise Very interesting……any government that mistrusts its citizens should be a red flag to every citizen. The Feds act as if they mistrust us as citizens. We live in scary times, that’s all I can say.
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  • Sue Copening Good point Robert. People throw around “the government” as if it’s an entity with a singular thought process. In fact it’s made up of a cross section of America. “Government” is made up of “we the people.” There IS a danger in allowing Government to get too big or, in my opinion, to allow it to be owned by the elite and corporate interests, as has happened in America over the last 30 years. As a “liberal libertarian” I’d like to see Government really limited more to things that really promote the welfare of the people. Public Services, Education, Police, Fire, Healthcare, more limited Defense, Consumer Protection, Court System, and Small Business loans and grants. No… corporate welfare for mega-billion dollar companies, no special favors, tax cuts, or bailouts for companies that have been in business long enough to “sink or swim.” We don’t need the government funding a defense industry and building mega-billion dollar airplanes and equipment that will never get used… it simply creates an incentive for more war. I’m on the fence about foreign aid. Considering how much gets eaten up by government corruption, I think a better use of dollars would be to support an infrastructure of non-profits, rather than giving money directly to a country. On things like “research” – I think there should be a “litmus test” before awarding millions of dollars to research something that a private company will end up patenting and profiting from. If the government funds research for a drug, for instance, they should own part of the patent. If they fund research at a University, same.
  • Eugene R. Wise Sue, you really aren’t any type of liberal from reading your post and I do agree with you on many points. However, Defense should be cut, those million dollar airplanes do get used, I have flew in a few over areas you won’t want to visit. If we hammer our weapons into plows, we will plow for those with weapons. JS
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  • Eugene R. Wise That is Sue, as long as your helping others doesn’t lead to stealing from one and giving to another, if so then, yeah, your a liberal. That’s what Socialism is, starts out liberalism and ends up as Socialism.
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  • Rick DeBacker Thank you Bill Carpenter. The fact is that the Liberals, the socialists, and he communists won’t be happy until we are totally disarmed, defenseless. and working in camps for whatever country decides to invade us once our defenses have been slashed to the bone. Those of us who are law abiding anyway.
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  • Robert Welz Sue I like the points you bring up! There definitely is a problem with ENFORCEMENT of existing gun laws. Look at the man who killed the family drunk driving in NY. It’s not well known but not only was he arrested DUI before but he also was a convicted MURDERER who got out early for a range of things like good behavior and nonsense! The justice System has grown soft and corrupt in many instances. Many from the top saying we won’t pursue federal drug charges where marijuana was made legal by state legislation. Or the fast and furious debacle. Or letting out illegal immigrants with minor crimes because of a “sequester”. I would hope to believe the DOJ was above political agenda but it does not appear that way.
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  • Rick DeBacker True! I have nothing at all against background checks and I think starting with enforcement of existing laws like Assault, Murder, Rape, etc would be a good place to start. When the juditial system starts prosecuting criminals for the existing guns laws being committed daily, we can talk about the need for more. Criminals profit from ignoring laws. They kill, they maim, they rape, and they steal. They also use weapons of various types to do so. Let’s focus on deterring criminal behavior through relentless prosecution.
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  • Bill Drez I’m thinking this push to confiscate firearms has put more $$$ in the hands of manufactures than ever. So liberals your fanning the flames. Many excellent points all around. It’s obvious who speak from fact and commonsense and those who are speaking from emotion & fear. I’m proud of the NRA’s stand for the Constitution and my rights. Now a days rather than helping your neighbor personally. Seems people would rather pay the government to do it (taxes). This leading to unregulated and abused social programs bankrupting America. It’s also keeping families from bringing their kids up to know people personally and look out for them (value life) as they train the young to respect, appreciate and tend to the needs of the old. Instead, we have Hollywood stars and gangsta rock stars, rappers and athletes of all ethnic backgrounds educating our youth in bling and possessions rather than integrity, compassion and self respect. That’s the real crime! When morals were more valuable than gold America had no need to know who had what type of gun or how many… I won’t be taking up arms against those who watch out for me(us) as some rally. I won’t be supporting anyone or thing that chooses to deny me my right to protect my neighbors, friends or family until those officers can arrive either! Be careful what you ask for and who you ask of. As sure as corporate America has its position and finances its success so do politicians and government at all levels. Few things have separated and swayed the sheep like a free meal for a vote. Government knows this well!
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  • Bill Drez That ran on… My apologies.
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  • Bill Carpenter @ Sue Copening, i love it when people like you try to compare a right to a privlidge. Under the bill of rights, specifically the second amendment, i have a right to bear arm which the goverment shall not infringe upon.
    No where in the constitution or the bill of rights does it mention any mode of transportation.
    The government allows you to drive. You don’t have that right.
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  • Bill Carpenter Robert Welz you forgot to mention New Orleans during katrina when the police came in and cofiscated the firearms from the law abiding citizens, leaving them defenceless. Especially after law enfocement left.
    Sue, how would I do a background check on a 10 year old grandson?
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  • Betty Martin Laughlin In my elementary school we have several lockdowns a year. Sometimes we see the helicopters first and know its coming other times we don’t. They are common enough that unless they go on for extended time so children don’t get to go to the bathroom it really doesn’t bother us. Although our campus is very open and cannot be closed off we feel safe locked down because we feel that the police officers will protect us.
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  • Betty Martin Laughlin No we have seen the police officers from the area. I’m guessing it is a jurisdiction thing. Problems originating from outside schools handled by those officers and those originating in schools by school police.
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