A Child In Danger Due To Food Allergies

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Little Michael Gonzalez – Jan. 4, 2013

January 6, 2013

The following article published in El Nuevo Herald, has been translated from Spanish to English. The interviewed occurred on Friday January 4, 2013, during Little Michael Gonzalez’ visit of Miami Children’s Hospital for critically needed medical testing.

By: Brenda Medina

“There are hundreds of people with different diagnoses, around the country who are suffering from this change,” said the desperate mother. “If nothing is done there will be serious consequences.”

In their effort to get the cans of formula manufactured before May 2012, families have begun to exchange new cans with other mothers on websites like craigslist.com and amazon.com. The González pay $ 40 for each can of Neocate Junior that Michael consumes per day. But even these formulas will expire in mid-October.

In the Gonzalez house it’s forbidden to eat in front of the child and all (family members) eat quickly in the kitchen while Michael is distracted. They do not want to tempt Little Michael. The child thinks that ice is candy. In the supermarket people are surprised when the mother refuses to buy fruit a banana or apple when Michael asks. Jennifer hopes that one day this may change and so that her child can enjoy food like a normal person.

Meanwhile, Jennifer has contacted the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), different organizations related to food allergies and has formed a coalition to help the family.

Robert Asencio, President of Florida Public Employees, a group of civil defense coalition member, said the problem of the Gonzalez family has several aspects.

“We must ensure that through the FDA, pressured the company that manufactures this food to reveal the change. There is also need for legislative changes in the future, for these companies to be more transparent, “Asencio said. “We also need insurance that public employees are more generous.”

According to Jennifer, the family has had to pay for almost all medical test and procedures performed on her son, and that her husband’s health insurance does not cover them.

“It is ironic that the father of this child who works to save lives and is unable help his child who is in such danger,” Asencio said.

Spanish version of article: http://www.elnuevoherald.com/2013/01/04/1377378_p2/nino-de-florida-en-peligro-por.html

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