7 Years Without Raises. Illegal Withholding of 3%. Now, Forecast Shows Leftover Money

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Facts Are Just Facts

September 11, 2012

Sharing the words of our fellow Florida Public Employees.

By: Jim Mahan – A Florida Public Employee

As a result of 7 long years of job eliminations, deep budget cuts, complete failure to give any raises or cost of living raises, and illegally withholding 3% from state employees, this years budget forecast now shows leftover money.

Seminole County is another entity getting a raise, while state employees has long been far below parity. Disney, Sea World, the ports, Carnival Cruise Lines and many other businesses have recorded record breaking profits, yet companies like Sea World did not pay any taxes. Scott and the legislature have been slashing corporate taxes and dolling out other corporate welfare, and he even wants to eliminate corporate tax completely. How nice for them, since they haven’t hired anyone, yet they get their tax bill slashed, while our pay gets slashed. Cut to the bone, we serve more people per capita than any other state, and at the lowest cost per capita, at half the national average.

In business, there comes a time to stand up and say, boss, I deserve a raise. If now is not that time, please tell me when.

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