The Public Employees In Florida Hear Your Cries! Together We Stand!

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I am a member of AFSCME 2228 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Our union created this video to tell the story of public workers. I have been in correspondence with your moderators and they encouraged me to ask the webmaster to post this video on your website.  It focuses on WHO public workers are, and they (WE) are neither thugs nor bullies.  We used up all the monies in our coffers to make this video and now are relying on the goodwill of others to get the word out!

In Solidarity.

Sandra Magnuson

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4 thoughts on “The Public Employees In Florida Hear Your Cries! Together We Stand!

  1. Thank you for airing this video. This is exactly what is happening in Wisconsin. People who are in the “business” of helping other people in our communities are targeted in Walker’s “repair” bill.

    Public service is no longer honorable work in Wisconsin. Without collective bargaining, teachers and other public servants are without a voice. Stop Walker’s madness!

  2. Dear Florida Public Employees,

    Thank you for putting our union video on your website. We greatly appreciate the support. We will stick together and we will not let them take our future and the futures for our children. Keep on fighting and we stand with you also. Thanks again for the support.
    Go Team.

    Stacey O.

    • Stacey::

      Sorry for the very delayed response, but wanted to personally reply with a thanks for your kind words. I hope FPE can gain your support in spreading the word about us to expand our membership and grow our statewide grassroots organization. In our unity “We the People” are the majority and have the overwhelming power of our collective Votes.


      Robert Asencio, President
      Florida Public Employees

  3. Thank you for sharing our story on your site. Our hearts are with you, Florida Public Employees. Keep fighting the good fight and together we will make a difference. Thank you so much again.

    Edna K

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