2014 Primary Legislative Bills FPE-P Fought Against

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Florida Public Employees


2014 Legislative Bills – FPE – P Fought Against


SB 1114: Florida Retirement System (2/19/2014 Bill number changed from SPD 7046)

GENERAL BILL by Community Affairs

Florida Retirement System; Requiring the Trustees of the State Board of Administration to establish the Florida Retirement System Cash Balance Plan; requiring employees and employers to make contributions for funding the plan; providing that the plan provide a lump-sum or annuity benefit; providing procedures for employees who are members of the pension plan or investment plan before a certain date to transfer to the cash balance plan; providing procedures for employees employed after a certain date to be enrolled in the investment plan or cash balance plan, etc.

Effective Date: 7/1/2015
Last Action: 2/19/2014 Senate – Filed
Location: Filed
Bill Text: Web Page | PDF


CS/SB 968: School Safety

GENERAL BILL by Criminal Justice ; Hays

School Safety; Providing an exception to a prohibition on possession of firearms or other specified devices on school property or in other specified areas for authorized concealed weapon or firearm licensees as designated by school principals or district superintendents; requiring a school district board to formulate policies and procedures for managing active-shooter and hostage situations; requiring a district school board or private school principal to allow for campus tours by local law enforcement agencies once every 3 years, etc.

Effective Date: 7/1/2014
Last Action: 3/13/2014 Senate – Now in Education -SJ 238
Location: In committee/council (ED)
Bill Text: Web Page | PDF

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