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List of Florida’s 2o14 congressional candidates on the ballot. By clicking on their names and highlighted portions on subsequent pages you can view a brief snapshot of the candidate. The following is provided for informational purposes, with the understanding it is not all inclusive of information listed on the Web. As such, we encourage additional web searches.

* = Incumbent

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by District.

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 District – 1

Jim Bryan (D)

Jeff Miller (R)*

Mark Wichern (NPA)

District – 2

Gwen Graham (D)

Luther Lee (WRI)

Steve Southerland (R)*

District – 3 

Howard Lawson (NPA)

Marihelen Wheeler (D)

Ted Yoho (R)*

District – 4

Ander Crenshaw (R)*

Gary Koniz (NPA)

Paula Moser-Barlett (NPA)

Deborah Pueschel (NPA)

District – 5

Corrine Brown (D)*

Glo Smith (R)

District – 

David Cox (D)

Ron DeSantis (R)*

District – 7

Al Krulick (NPA)

John Mica (R)*

Wes Neuman (D)

District – 8

Christopher Duncan Jr. (NPA)

Bill Posey (R)*

Gabriel Rothblatt (D)

District – 9

Alan Grayson (D)*

Marko Milakovich (NPA)

Carol Platt (R)

Leon Leo Ray (WRI)

District – 10

David B. Falstad (WRI)

Michael McKenna (D)

Daniel Webster (R)*

District – 11

Dave Koller (D)

Richard B. “Rich” Nugent (R)*

District – 13

Ed Jany (NPA)

David Jolly (R)*

Michael Stephen Levinson (WRI)

Lucas Overby (LPF)

District – 15

Alan Cohn (D)

Dennis Ross (R)*

District – 16

Vern Buchanan (R)*

Henry Lawrence (D)

Joe Newman (WRI)

District – 17

Will Bronson (D)

Tom Rooney (R)*

District – 18

Carl Domino (R)

Patrick Murphy (D)*

District – 19

Curt Clawson (R)*

April Freeman (D)

Ray Netherwood (LPF)

Timothy Rossano (WRI)

District – 20

Jay Bonner (R)

Alcee Hastings (D)*

District – 21

Ted Deutch (D)*

Michael W. Trout (WRI)

District – 22

Lois Frankel (D)*

Raymond Schamis (WRI)

Paul Spain (R)

District – 23

Joseph “Joe” Kaufman (R)

Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D)*

District – 24

Luis Fernandez (NPA)

Dufirston Julio Neree (R)

Alejandro Walters (WRI)

Frederica Wilson (D)*

District – 26

Carlos Curbelo (R)

Joe Garcia (D)*


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