2013 Legislative Bills – FPEP Actively Opposed

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2013 Legislative Bills – FPEP Actively Opposed

—-> Click here to view all Bills that passed and/or failed during the 2013 Florida Legislative Session published by the Miami Herald and Tampa Bay Times.

 FRS Reform: HB 7011 / SB 1392  – Failed

HB 7011 – Closing of the Defined Contributions Plan to new hires. New hired would have been placed in a 401-A plan.  In its original form, Bill also eliminated Disability Benefits to all new hires.

SB 1392 – Defaulted new hires into a 401 style pension plan. Difference in Bills: This Bill provided a grace period of 7 months for new hires to select if they wanted to participate in the FRS or a 401 style plan. Those who failed to select would automatically be defaulted into a 401 style plan.

1392 was passed for a Senate Vote on 7011.  Final Vote 18 in favor – 22 opposed


 Parent Empowerment “Trigger”:  SB 862 / HB 867 – Failed

Both Bills provided the power to parent to Vote on converting public schools into privately run charter schools without implementation of accountability measures equal to that of public education. Bills would have also turned over public school facilities to charter schools at the expense of taxpayers who would have been also responsible to maintain school sites.

Final Vote by Senate 20 to 20.


Police/Fire Pensions: HB 1399 / SB 458 – Failed in the House

Bill changed insurance premium on firefighter and police pensions.


Public Pensions, Change in Valuations: SB 534 / HB 599 – Passed


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