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Rick Scott "Let's Get To Work!"...Destroying The Public Employee!

Rick Scott “Let’s Get To Work!”…Destroying The Public Employee!

Privatization is the way of life. There is no need for any good to be accessible to the public. Education? If one can afford it. Health-care? Pay it or die. Oxygen? See health-care response for more details.. The privatization movement has been picking up steam …

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Rick Scott...Listen To Your Teachers!

Rick Scott…Listen To Your Teachers!

Dear Gov. Rick Scott, As an ESE teacher, we are going to be glorified babysitters!! Actually babysitters get paid much more than teachers. If you start firing teachers, we will have close to 40 students in a class if not more. As teachers with that …

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Governor Rick Scott - Stop Punishing The Public Employee!!!

Governor Rick Scott – Stop Punishing The Public Employee!!!

I’d like to invite you to spend some time in my world for a little while.  It’s really quite fascinating and I’m sure you’d love it if you just got to spend a few moments with me.  Meet little Emerald.  She has repeated… the second …

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Rick Scott's Plan Is Just Plain Old Foul!

Rick Scott’s Plan Is Just Plain Old Foul!

Florida Sales Tax Loophole Worsens Budget Gap TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – New revenue estimates reveal Florida will have $3.75 billion less to spend the coming fiscal year.  Florida could have mitigated at least half of this shortfall if the state had taken steps to collect the …

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Not So Fast...Governor!!! Rick Scott Take Note!

Not So Fast…Governor!!! Rick Scott Take Note!

Governor Scott Walker thought it was a done deal. The law attacking Collective Bargaining was sign sealed and delivered. However much to Walker’s chagrin he did not take into account the American system of checks and balances; because the Governor was sketchy in how the …

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Bills Favored

HOUSE BILLS HB 375 – Debit Cards: FPE supports this Bill as it seek to protect the financial interests of all Working Class Floridians. GENERAL BILL by Clemens (CO-SPONSORS) Kriseman; Pafford Debit Cards: Prohibits certain financial institutions from charging specified fees for use or holding …

Bills Opposed


To: Rick Scott!!! No Outsourcing Your Public Employees!!!

To: Rick Scott!!! No Outsourcing Your Public Employees!!!

Let it be known: All Florida Public Employees opposes the outsourcing of 143 active FRS members at the Brevard County Clerk of the Courts office. “Staff-sourcing” is nothing more than outsourcing the functions of Public Employees and an attack on the human infrastructure of our …

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