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February 23, 2014

Florida Public Employees February 23, 2014 Florida Retirement System in flux “Weatherford said major changes to the retirement system are needed. ‘We could hire 10,000 teachers — new teachers — for the amount of money we’re having to dump into our unfunded liability in our …


Florida Public Employees News Links

Florida Public Employees February 21, 2014 Miami Herald: Report: Florida’s revenue, spending face grim future “The report ‘examines the past and predicts a future in state revenues, demographics, the Florida Retirement System, K-12 education, higher education and infrastructure: (particularly transportation).’ Among the findings:” CLICK HERE to …

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Florida Public Employees News Links February 22, 2014

Florida Public Employees February 22, 2014 Tampa Bay Times: Pinellas Sheriff ousts jail official after learning of problems in Hillsborough “Hays’ 2012 ejection from the Hillsborough jail was the final indignity in a tragic chain of events that ultimately forced Armor and the sheriff to pay …

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