“10 Steps To A Happier You”

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Florida Public Employees

By: Jorge Toyos – Clinical Therapist / School Social Worker

December 1, 2013

“10 Steps to a Happier You”

A Self-Help Guide From A Fellow Public Employee:
A_Happier_You_2_Florida_Public_EmployeesBased on articles from the theory of positive psychology
1. Relationships:
People who have one or more close friendships are happier. The number of friends is not important but how often they cooperate in activities and share their personal feelings is. Also people who volunteer their time or simply care for others on a consistent basis seem to be happier and less depressed. Emotions are contagious so you can catch emotions from other people around you. It is important to have a social network of happy folks around which will facilitate you in being happier yourself. Look for individuals that tend to radiate contentment and curiosity this will improve your relational well being. It is important not to compare yourself with others doing so eats away at happiness.
2. Become more adaptable:
The ability to be flexible in how you think of a situation from various viewpoints is important to lessen stressful situations as well as to help you to feel better about your choices. Remember the old saying; “go with the flow”, but it is not about giving in it has to do with living in the present moment.
3. Try new experiences:
You may enjoy being in a comfort zone. but trying new experiences could be gratifying. You put yourself in a position to discover new opportunities new friends and new favorite activities.
4. Stay Positive:
The attitude of optimism and Gratitude is extremely powerful. It can help us manage and cope with difficult work, social and life challenges and research has indicated that it may protect you from both physical and mental illness. Furthermore people who strive to maintain a good mood tend to be more visually aware of their environments and other people. Those that are in bad moods or feeling anxiety tend to block out potentially positive details and focus on whatever is bothering them.
5. Dive into fiction:
Read a good book or take in a movie and see it as a mini-vacation from reality. It may bring forth strong emotions which give you hope and allow you to experience similar and dissimilar experiences To those in your own life.
6. Acceptance:
It is important to note that happiness is a skill that can be mastered and it requires and commitment it takes up to 10,000 hours to master any skill. Radical acceptance means that you must learn the difficult lesson of that which we are only in control three things
1. Our Behaviors
2. our thoughts
3. our emotions
The challenging part is understanding that you do not control the actions thoughts or feelings of other people. Only 1% of what others say and feel has anything to do with me. This is a very freeing thought.
7. Accomplishment:
Positive emotions without acting in a positive constructive way is like magical thinking. We must contribute to the world to our loved ones to our co-workers. Take positive action on a daily basis.
8. Get Physical:
Studies show that individuals who exercise more than twenty minutes a day sleep at least seven hours per night and eat healthy foods that are naturally colorful have higher levels of well being.
9. Manage your mind:
This is an extensive topic. Some highlights are to learn how to turn down the volume on negative emotions. Such as anxiety, sadness, anger, and turn up the volume on positive emotions such as awe, curiosity, amusement, pride, interest etc. it is also important to identify and challenge destructive thoughts, (dispute catastrophic thinking) as well as to learn ways to cultivate more frequent constructive thoughts or realistic optimism).
10. Spiritual engagement and meaning:
Studies demonstrate a close link between spiritual and religious practice and happiness.




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