“The Bernie Buzz – College Edition” Hits College Campuses

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 Vermont’s Independent Senator Wants to Hear From You

“Our nation suffers, as do millions of families, when students graduate college deeply in debt. – Bernie”

In the coming days, you will discover copies of the newly created college edition of The Bernie Buzz, a newsletter from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I), in various locations around campus. The college edition of The Bernie Buzz addresses some of the issues foremost on students’ minds: the dire economy, mounting student debt and the need to transform our energy system away from fossil fuels to energy efficiency and sustainable energy.

In the pages of The Bernie Buzz, the senator outlines his plan to mount an aggressive effort to create the millions of jobs our economy desperately needs. Bernie’s jobs plan, if enacted, would help graduating seniors find good-paying jobs and help put the unemployed back to work. He also emphasizes college must be affordable for all families, regardless of income.

Read the articles, take the poll, and, if you are a college student, share your views with Bernie on how the deepest recession since the Great Depression has affected your life. One student who shares his or her story online will have the opportunity to meet with the senator on campus to discuss the experiences of college students today. (Please forward this e-mail to college students you think may be interested.)

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